Our environment is set into three individual indoor and outdoor spaces with our Tui Room for our young babies 0-2, Kiwi Room for our 2-3 year olds and Pukeko Room for our pre-schoolers 3-5. Although these are set into age groups we consider each child as an individual and ensure that they are in the room that is developmentally at their level whilst also providing the environment that they are best suited to.


TUI ROOM 0-2 yrs

Our youngest babies are where the nurturing and cares play a vital role in their development. Our teachers are attentive to each child and practice Primary Caregiving to ensure each baby has familiarity, consistency and strong bonds with teachers. We endeavour to have this as a base for when new families start as this helps to settle both baby and Mum/Dad when there is a sense of security in knowing who will be the teacher participating in the main care moments with your child.
The Tui room is set up for exploration and discovery for all things. Touch, smell, feel and see is how our babies learn. Teachers plan around this to invoke curiosity and wonder with challenges to extend learning. Rituals are in place in our Tui Room where our babies begin to know and understand how their day works and what to expect. This links back to Respectful practice in ensuring predictability and sameness.

Kiwi Room 2-3yrs old

Our Kiwi Room has the familiarity of the Tui Room with rituals and routines of care moments. As children make their way into the room we endeavour to keep it as seamless as possible. Care moments are still an important part of the day and these are kept in place for each child depending on their needs. Partnership with whanau remains an integral part of our relationship and strive to keep this open with you in order to really know your child. As our children have reached new. developmental needs and milestones we aspire to invoke new challenges around the children’s interests and their curious minds. Our free flowing indoor/outdoor environment invites opportunities to develop and extend physical abilities and investigation.

Investigation is based around the interest of the children and individuals. Each child is seen and heard with teachers that know them well. This ensures our planning for learning is authentic and based solely on what the children are telling us through their play and through conversations.

Pukeko Room 3 - 5 yrs old

Our Pukeko room flows on from the Kiwi Room with similar rituals and routines of the day. Within the Pukeko room there is a new found sense of independence, and taking new steps towards competence and confidence in achieving goals set by the children. Through investigation and individual plans the teachers closely follow what children want to know and are telling us or sharing with us through their play.
The how, when and why’s of life are all around us! Exploration with people, places and things is how our children are learning. Being an active participant in their learning, questioning, thinking and discussing, negotiating and understanding new concepts and ways of learning. Inquisitive, curious explorers who are given time and space to learn and develop theories in their own way through play. Our teachers view the child as competent and able to make their own choices which is displayed through respectful interactions, investigation and ongoing professional discussions between the teachers and whanau.