Why choose us?

We are situated in the heart of surburbia – within Lynnmall Shopping Centre, which provides undercover parking for you when you drop off and collect your child – no running in the rain – less stress for you!

We are next to the local transport Centre, so, some parents choose to drop their child off, park nearby, and travel by bus or train to their work – easy!

You will be pleasantly surprised by the size of our Centre, and that even though we are located within the Mall, we have a lovely large outdoor play area – with lots of sunlight and fresh air – awesome!

We offer a home away from home environment for your children, with passionate teachers, whose main aim for their day is to nurture and educate your children – wonderful!

Our environment and daily routines are set up to empower your children, to explore, play and learn at their own pace, with lots of caring and guidance – peace of mind!

We embrace all cultures and ethinicities…. We love that we have teachers and children from around the globe.

We welcome your input and suggestions to make our Centre the best place your child could be, so you can relax in your day, knowing your child is safe, secure, well-cared for, and learning through fun and play – us, working together for the benefit of your child!


<<<   Professional Development   >>>

Our teachers are dedicated to grow and develop as Professional Practitioners, for the benefit of your child . Over the 2017/2018 we are participating as a whole centre on the workshop Incredible Years, run by the Ministry of Education. Each teacher undertakes the classes which are based on Positive Guidance Strategies, Responsive and Reciprocal relationships with children and whanau and ideas/strategies to add to their teaching resources enhancing how we guide and support children through their feelings and different behaviours.


Kimberley Krisp

We have had the pleasure of attending two work-shops in 2017/2018 “Leading from the Heart” and also “What’s love got to do with it” Through Kimberley’s passion we are inspired and reminded of the importance of building strong relationships with whanau and children. We strive to create a home away from home where children can make choices, feel empowered, and have time to revisit, retell, repeat and work at their own pace. Love is at the heart of all and this is where we start with our practice and our children.

Te Wanaga o Aotearoa

As a centre we are currently undertaking He Papa Tikanga. This supports our knowledge and gives us insight into a Maori worldview. Learning about te reo, traditions, concepts, values and protocols. This has provided us with amazing resources and regular support from a kaitiaki (support person)