Our environment and daily routines are set up to empower your children, to explore, play and learn at their own pace, with lots of caring and guidance – peace of mind!

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We offer a home away from home environment for your children, with passionate teachers, whose main aim for their day is to nurture and educate your children – wonderful!

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How will your child benefit from being in our Centre?

We promote resilience

We encourage children to be confident capable lifetime learners

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We encourage the uses of, and supply loose parts – where exploration, play and learning are allowed through everyday bits and pieces which encourage children to use their curiosity and imagination to learn and grow.

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What our parents have to say

  • Our daughter started at Curious kids before they rebranded from Lollipops. I feel confident that the centre is a safe environment for Elle to learn and be valued as an individual.
    All the teachers are passionate, caring people.
    They embrace the different cultures and ethnicities, and have teachers from all around the globe